• We Provide Total
    We provide personal care and support services at home.
    We support and help to maintain independent living for your loved one.
  • We Provide Total
    People with dementia vary considerably but too often they can be pigeon-holed.
    We recognise your unique needs and offer emotional care to both clients and their families.
  • We Provide
    We understand the importance of quality companionship.
    Someone to talk with, share experiences, enjoy activities –
    even the simplest interaction can make a real difference to someone’s day.
About Us


RJ Care provides exceptional care and support services

RJ Care Services Limited provides quality care for our older service users, enabling them to continue living fulfilling lives in the homes that they know and love. We provide a range of practical support as well as specialised care for those suffering from age-related health issues.

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We offer families the opportunity to get to know us better during a no-cost, no-obligation, home visit with one of our staff members. This visit can take place in a private residence, care facility, hospital or rehabilitation centre.

Personal Care Services

Dementia Care Services

Physical Disabilities

Medication Assistance


Elderly Care Services

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During this visit, we will further evaluate the needs of your loved one and your family, set goals for care, conduct risk assessments to ensure safety and discuss costs and available funding options.

Client Record Management and Scheduling

Throughout the process, we record your details and needs from the care plan...

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Person-Centred Assessment and Care Planning

Once all parties agree on an appropriate level of care and to begin home care services...

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Follow Up, Quality Checks and Reassessments

To ensure that you are receiving the highest quality care, we will call you regularly during the first...

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Caregiver Selection

We consider what we have learned about your loved one during our conversations...

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Medication Assistance

All our staff are fully trained in administering medication and can assist you to take...

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All of our services are flexible and can be tailored to meet your individual needs...

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We provide exceptional care and support services to older people.
We assist them to live and accomplish their lives in their own homes and ensuring peace of mind for their families.